Flytec Element 新更新

The Element now shows airspaces

The long awaited software update for the Element is ready: airspace support is now available. Just connect your Element to your computer via USB, ensure your computer is connected to the internet and run the programme "Element Update". If your Element does not yet run the latest software containing the "Element Update" programme, you can download the update version 1.4.13 from our website.

We've prepared a scenario showing you how the Element indicates airspaces, and have adjusted the flight mode page in our online manual to reflect the changes.

To use this feature

  1. 透過 USB 上傳 OpenAir 格式的禁航區到 element 裡.
  2. 啟動在element內的禁航區 Menu > Airspace > 用 F1 鍵啟動單一或多個禁航區檔案


新 Firmware :  V1.4.13