AirDesign Pure2 直接上 Pure3

AirDesign Pure3 


大家可能會納悶Pure2 M 後面就沒有再測別的SIZE了

AirDesign 在多方的討論之下發現他們可以使Pure2更加靈活及性能更好, 所以決定停止Pure2的送測計畫, 改送更好的Pure3, 原來的Pure2 M 擁有者亦可購買升級套件及認證直上Pure3

The improvements in detail:b_350_0_16777215_00_images_logos_PURE3.png
•    Agility. Even more agile handling and reduced brake pressure, allowing the wing to now turn with a more constant and balanced turning arc. Centring within the thermal core is now far more efficient, enhancing and improving climbing potential. 
•    Efficiency. Improved gliding in moving air. This is noticeable especially in headwind and unsteady air environments. The canopy is more neutral, resulting in better glide, now climbs more effectively with reduced sink rate. 
•    Performance. In fully accelerated mode we have been able to obtain an advantage of +0.5 glide-angle. 
•    Greater stability. Due to the improved neutral flying characteristics, flying has become less stressful in challenging conditions.
•    Speed. More top speed. The PURE3 is around 2-3kmh faster fully accelerated.
•    Enhanced Safety. A newly designed riser set improves the safety potential. Accelerated collapses are remarkably easier to control.