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Fly in Puli, Taiwan


Site info :     

the Puli flying site is at the east edge of Puli township just above the geographic center of Taiwan and is well known by Taiwanese pilots. it is an intermediate site with cliff launch and small LZ. The thermal activity is always there when sunny day. It is Very good for thermaling practice and also mountain XC all directions.   

Flying season :

The flying season is all year long, but the best season is from September to March. The other season is also flyable, but with higher chances of raining, summer season with Thunder Storm.

Transportation : 

From airports, just take the HSR to Taichung station. There is BUS directly to Puli Township.  


Site name: Puli, Tiger Head  (Geographic Center of Taiwan)
Launch altitude amsl: 650m
Landing altitude amsl: 450m
Launch direction: West
Road access: Yes
XC: Yes
GPS Launch: 23°57'50.21"N 120°59'21.78"E
GPS Landing: 23°58'9.81"N 120°58'52.90"E
Site frequency: 145.240Mhz

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Take off


Landing Zone


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